Registered Nurse Julie Moses plugs in an EKG machine in the Emergency Department

EKGs are used to test the hearts electrical activity. This procedure uses electrodes to measure heartbeat. This allows technicians to get results of how much blood is pumping to and from the heart.

This test only takes a few minutes to perform and is painless. In order to prepare for this test to avoid lotions, oils, and powders on or around your chest, this will allow technicians to get the best results.

It’s best if you wear two separate pieces of clothing with bottoms as you will be asked to undress from the waist up.

After dressing in a gown you will have several patches placed on your body such as your chest, along with arms and legs. This allows technicians to check the electrical activity in your heart.

You will then be given instructions which will include lying still breathing normally, and trying to relax.


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